Affiliated Hospitals

     CSMU has extensive clinical teaching equipment and full sets of basic facilities. It has 9 affiliated general hospitals, 81 teaching hospitals, 20 community hospitals and including 1 Grade III-A and 4 Grade II-A polyclinics with 2500 beds. More than 60 million Yuan ( RMB) has been invested in modern teaching facilities, which ensure that all the basic experiments the medical teaching requires can be conducted effectively. Multi-media are available for almost all specialties.  
  • First Affiliated Hospital of Changsha Medical University
  • Hunan Province Children's Hospital
  • The Second People's Hospital of Xiangtan City
  • Zhuzhou City People's Hospital
  • The Second People's Hospital of Zhuzhou City
  • Yueyang Hospital
  • Shimen County People's Hospital
  • Wangcheng County People's Hospital
  • Ningxiang County People's Hospital